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About Us

I started my fantastic international business adventure since 1988 both offline and, in the era of internet, online as well. I am Italian and the business brought me, year after year, to consider the possibility of having my own company and office in Asia. So many years ago I chose Hong Kong as my ideal destination to carry out my international business. 

Together with my family I live in Italy and although I do not live permanently in Asia, I am fascinated as the first day I arrived in Taiwan and Singapore. Of course, the recurrent trips do not make me feel the lack of those places as well as those people so hospitable and always available to do business, just as I like it.

E-commerce, however, is a real pleasure for us to do … we love doing business through the internet and thanks to new technologies, new software, applications, CMS, every day that passes are more and more fascinated by this adventure. Internet is among us, it is allowing an explosion of sales, every moment that passes, there are people who sell their products and services. That happen in every part of the globe.

Our Products

 Our products are well selected and can be used by baby and children of any age. Please grab the FREE shipment opportunity that we are offering now, it is a wisest way to save money.

If you have any further inquiry, please contact us. We welcome all your emails/questions.

Thanks for your attention!